Dear Guests,
On behalf of the scientific Committee, we have the honor and pleasure inviting you to the 6th national seminar of Hemophilia and Other Coagulopathies 2016 to be held at Olympic Hotel in Tehran on 21-22 of April 2016.
The seminar is hosted by Iran University of Medical Sciences and Iranian Hemophilia Society in partnership with universities across the country, research centers and related organizations.
This year’s Seminar is unique because it is not merely health focused but leadership focused. Considering the many collective challenges the blood disorders community is facing. This conference represents a convention of leaders who understand the times and know what needs to be done. It is within this context that we have convened leading experts and systems thinkers to present, discuss and examine strategies, experiences and techniques that focus on promoting and improving the health of these specific populations. And it is within this context that I thank you for your participation and invite you to actively and substantively participate in the 6th National Conference on coagulopathies in Public Health.
IHS objectives are to foster science advancement in the field relating to inherited and acquired bleeding disorders in Iran, to encourage research and to provide a wide forum for discussion moreover, promoting clinical care and education for this group of patients across Iran. Don’t miss the unique opportunity of gaining new experience and of socializing in a pleasant and friendly environment.
For finding more information about the seminar, please refer to the address: http://ihc50.ir/
Please don’t hesitate to ask any question about this event.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Gr. Bahoush, M.D.
Scientific Secretary of the seminar